Shut down on November 30th, 2012

It saddens me to say that Listiki has shut down its services on November 30th, 2012.

When we started Listiki back in 2009, it was essentially a rough idea for something that we needed. An intuitive, social and curated platform for lists. We were extremely fortunate to land a seed fund from The Open Fund which got us rolling and within the first two months of operation we had our product up an running.

At first, it wasn't perfect. We had bugs and problematic algorithms, but we had a product. It didn't take us too long to launch an updated, revamped version which ironed out most of the problems.

Soon after that, we launched more features like the Listiki Accounts, which were mainly aimed at creating a community around the lists. We still had a few more "big" features that had yet to be released mainly because they need extra tweaking…

As everything great, Listiki was also built with love and plenty of hours behind the keyboard. But as every company, we needed to generate enough money to keep it running, and that is where we failed to meet expectations. The lack of funds meant that we needed to seek them elsewhere, limiting our time exposure to Listiki. To date, we have not really managed to generate any income, so although the idea and execution are sound, the actual monetization is lacking.

And today we decided to pause the project. I'd like to note that we're not killing it. We will still work on it behind the scenes and see if we can come up with a new way to keep it self sustainable, but for now we cannot afford to keep it running.

Before I close, I'd like to thank everyone who has stood by our side and every user who has used Listiki to date. A big thanks goes out to the folks of The Open Fund who have helped us more than anyone, especially in the beginning. Big props to them!

For any questions or inquiries, you can reach us at team (at)

Thank you all, and I hope we'll be back!

The Listiki team